I Already Hate Nokia's Fantastic Looking New Phone

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PocketNow has shots of what appears to be the Nokia N9, which kinda looks like an elongated and oversized iPod Nano. Beautiful (and probably well-constructed) as it may be, I don't give a damn about it. Why? It runs Meego, not Mango.


When Microsoft and Nokia announced a partnership at the beginning of the year to put Windows Phone 7 on the majority of Nokia devices, it was exciting because it meant the end of crappy Nokia software, but not their excellent hardware. That Nokia gave up on Meego after so much time and money had been poured into its development doesn't inspire much confidence in its quality. Staring at this just gives me blue balls, technologically speaking. [Pocket Now]


Way to hate on an operating system and phone you've never even tried.

Meego was not abandoned because it was in any way deficient software. Meego was abandoned because it, and it's predecessor Maemo, lack an 'appstore' ecosystem. Meego does not, and probably will not ever be any sort of big consumer success because of this. Joe Schmoe doesn't have the time, knowledge, or interest to install applications from repositories. Joe Schmoe doesn't want a phone that has 'Xterm' as a proudly displayed application in the applications menu. Joe Schmoe doesn't really know what this whole 'linux' thing is, or what the implications are for a phone running an operating system spun off of Ubuntu. Joe Schmoe heard it had something to do with penguins, but isn't quite sure.

Honestly? I thought Gizmodo would be one of the places where people would still be excited about such a downright geeky device running such powerful software, regardless of how accessible and mainstream it is.

Sad day.