I am 45 years old and I have been an audiofile since I was 12 years old. I have never been able to afford any of the more expensive audio systems, but I do have the "Golden Ears" to tell the difference.

My last hearing test showed that hearing is still in the range of 18 Hz to 21KHz which is beyond the capability of most low priced speakers today. As a result of my low income and the high price of truly great audio equipment I have never been satisfied with any audio equipment I have purchased. Sadder yet, I don't even own a good stereo system anymore because of my current living situation.

Regardless, I am very grateful to Gizmodo for covering this subject because I feel that the art of true audio reproduction is almost dead and younger people have no real idea of just how good music should sound. In this day of digital audio we are more concerned about how many songs we can fit into an iPod or onto a hard drive than we about just how good it sounds. Crappy audio compression methods have made us forget that we can make a recording sound almost as though we are really at a live performance. We spend tons of money on surround sound forgetting the importance of stereo. If you care enough to watch video with surround sound so the sound of exploding bombs sound and feel more realistic, then you should also care enough about music to make the sound good enough to bring the experience of the live performance into your living room.


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