I Don't Want to Live in a World Where Machines Can Read My Mind. Or Do I?

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Researchers equipped with fMRI machines have shown that they can link specific brainwave functions to specific objects, ideas or emotions. What they see as innovation, I see as the goddamn thought police running amuck in 30 years.

The fMRI brain scans showed certain patterns of human brain activity sparked by thinking about physical objects, such as a horse or a house. Researchers also used the brain scans to identify brain activity shared by words related to certain topics - thinking about "eye" or "foot" showed patterns similar to those of other words related to body parts.


Then again, if I could just slap on a hat and reply to all my emails without lifting a finger, that might be worth unlawful persecution at the hands of my future overlords. [Innovation via MSNBC]



I suppose with a large enough database of references, this could become mind-reading. But for now, it's simply, "Look at the numbers one through ten in order. Done? Good. Now think of a number 1 through 10 and I'll tell you what it is." Yes, it's mind-reading, but unless you train the thing (like voice recognition) it won't get any information from your brain.

It's like speech recognition, only it's thought recognition.