I Feel Like the Philips Activa PMP Is Judging Me

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"Did you really need that fourth bourbon? And why did you go with the super burrito? Is the cheese and sour cream really necessary?" it seems to ask. "Maybe you should go for a run."

Well, fuck you, Activa, I don't need your judgment, and yes, I did need that fourth bourbon. If you must know, the Philips Activa is the next in what's becoming a trend: The fitness-based PMP. It makes sense—smartphones are replacing PMPs at a rapid rate, and one of the only niches that they can't (or shouldn't) cover is workouts. You really shouldn't bring your Droid or iPhone with you while working out; they're big and bulky and valuable.


The Activa is a teeny little pocket player, includes a clip like the Sansa Clip+, and in what has to be a first, I have no idea what the capacity is. Either 4GB or 8GB is expected, but it's not listed in the specs for some reason. It matches your music with your workout by tempo and measures the usual distance and calorie counts, as well as giving audio feedback to let you know what your status is (a nice feature, for sure). It should be available in April 2010 for $130. [Philips]

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ugh for the past two days, nothing but products that will not be out until late spring/summer.