I Have Concerns About This Image of Teela From David Goyer's Masters of the Universe Movie [Updated]

Image: Filmation
Image: Filmation

In nearly all of her earliest appearances throughout Mattel’s various branches of the Masters of the Universe franchise, Teela was always depicted as a fierce and powerful warrior capable of giving He-Man a run for his money on the battlefield. Suffice to say, the character’s going to be somewhat... different in David S. Goyer’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved 80s cartoon.


Over the weekend, Goyer posted a few photos to the Instagram account belonging to Phantom Four—his production company—of himself along with artist Carlos Haunt, who is also attached to the Masters of the Universe project. One of the photos features what appears to be a humanoid figure in high tech battle armor vaguely resembling a Predator. When you zoom in very close on the photo’s edge, you can see the image is labeled “Teela Battle Suit.”

While the photo doesn’t really tell us all that much about what the new movie’s version of Teela might be like, the concept art is a drastic departure from the original Masters of the Universe’s overall aesthetic. Though Masters did have a lot of scifi elements—robots, lasers, vehicles—they were almost always in service to the fantasy elements, and never looked this... modern. The “Teela Battle Suit” looks like something a space jockey would wear, not a traditional combat warrior.

Obviously, the concept art is just a concept at this point, and there’s no telling whether this particular design will make it into the film or if this is even armor that the film’s version of Teela will wear. At the same time, though, it’s not difficult to imagine that, in an attempt to market the hell out of the movie to a young male audience, Goyer and the team behind the film might have decided to turn Teela into some sort of hulking battle cyborg devoid of any of her classic femininity. At least the robot exoskeleton, such as it is, doesn’t include dangerous boob forms.

Just what the hell is going on with this new Teela will be revealed when Masters of the Universe drops Dec. 18, 2019.

UPDATE: It seems as if Goyer’s pulled the image from his Instagram account.



Dr Emilio Lizardo

It’s a tiny part of a lo-res pic of concept art with a hand in the way of 20% of it.

Let’s not break out the torches and pitchforks just yet.