I Like Apple Support

Ok, I've been a big bitcher for the past few days re: the Mini and any number of other hardware issues, but I'm trying to make it clear that this love of gadgets is a two-way street. I'll sit here and salivate over the iPod Snuggle—the iPod with a warm, cozy outer layer—but that also gives me the right to whine like a baby when this stuff explodes in my face. Why do I share it with the Gizmodo community? Because I believe, once the dust settles, all of us, including the manufacturers, can learn something. And, to paraphrase G.I. Joe, learning is half the battle.

Anyway, called Apple tech support and they were as kind and loving as you could ever want. So that's nice. I believe I have a full bore hard drive failure complete with heads skittering on the platter, after backing up to a USB drive last night I plugged the backup into a Windows machine to discovered, much to my joy, that the backup didn't take, so John is about as happy as a gut-stuck pig. What is it with hard drives these days? I've literally lost 4 hard drives this year.


UPDATE - Brian gives an opposing viewpoint after the jump.

I saw the article where the writer extolls the virtue of Apple's support. And a while back, Wil Wheaton the blogger and sometimes actor also wrote glowingly how Apple had heard of his ill fated iBook and had CALLED HIM and offered him a Powerbook as a replacement and how that had nothing to do with his being a celebrity blogger. Bullshit. I bought an iBook and the hard drive suffered the same fate as the Mini in your article. They sent a box, I sent in the iBook. After 12 days, I called to see what was taking so long. They wouldn't answer but said I should have it in 5 days or so. I said that it had already been 12 days and they said okay, 3 days more. When it came back, they'd not only replaced the hard drive, but the display housing, the motherboard, the airport card, and a bunch of other things. And they scraped it up. The display and bottom of the computer is all scraped. The casing is not aligned properly. They did a shit job and this thing looks like they dropped it on a belt sander and gravel.

Oh, to add insult to iBook injury, they enclosed a notice saying that for the repair of my one-week old iBook, that I would be receiving a bill as the repairs were not covered by the warranty. A phone call cleared this up and I won't be charged. But the idiocy of sending me a notice that I would be charged for repair of a brand new unit is extremely bad customer service, don't you think?

Apple's repair support sucks from my experience. Even worse is their quality control.