I Need These Classic Lego Space-Inspired Starfighters In My Life

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Nick Trotta is known for his amazing Lego spacecraft builds. His latest MOC is the Atomium. According to Lego blog The Brothers-Brick, Trotta “rebuilt and redesigned it enough times that he can build it completely from scratch in one sitting.”

Here’s an incredibly rad time-lapse of the build:

The inspiration for Atomium was “a round of the “Starfighter Telephone Game” with the LEGO classic space theme.” He maintains the Classic Lego space theme with the blue and gray color scheme, and translucent yellow panels.


Trotta’s other builds are equally as impressive, in my opinion, in not only their construction and engineering, but in their style as well.

You can see all of his construction videos and even more incredible Classic Lego Space-inspired builds at his YouTube channel Galactic Plastics.


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