The Golden Globes are arguably the most self-fellating award show in the galaxy. Ricky Gervais and friends (possibly including Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, and Larry David) might just live-stream a commentary track. Oh hell yes.

Ricky hosted the Globes last year and will almost certainly never be allowed near the ceremony again. While I thought he was sometimes a bit too mean, he was also very, very funny. This new plan isn't set in stone, but Ricky is officially musing about it on his blog:

A live 3 hour podcast during The Golden Globes. Me and a few chums (like Louis CK, Chris Rock, Karl Pilkington, John Stewart, Larry David popping in and out) doing our own alternative commentary.

People at home can have the telly on with the sound down listening to us online say things that no broadcaster could get away with.

No one could do a fucking thing.

The biggest live webcast ever? Who knows? Who cares? What's fun is the shit we might come out with. No money. No sponsor. No guide lines. Fuck me I can't wait.


Fuck me, I can't wait either. Ricky, if you can hear me, please do this. [Ricky Gervais]

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