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I Wish I Had This Surreal House of Cards Table

Illustration for article titled I Wish I Had This Surreal House of Cards Table

How can this—very real—table support that thick glass when it is held just by two houses of cards? MAGIC, that's how. Magic and the fact that the cards are laser cut from 4mm-thick steel.


Created by designer and architect Mauricio Arruda, each of the 13:1 steel cards are weld together in an structure capable of holding up to 550 pounds. [Mauricio Arruda via Yatzer via Ohgizmo]

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I think it should come with two decorative pieces that you can place on top that give the appearance of a completed pyramids, but can be removed if you need the table space.

It only seems fair, given that (I'm sure) you're paying a RIDICULOUS price for the table, that it be complete.