I Wish This Fan-Made Model Was An Actual Gundam

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I have a hearty respect for the crazily dedicated fans of 'Gunpla' - the intricately detailed Japanese model kits of the oodles of awesome Mobile Suits of the Gundam franchise. But this custom-made Gunpla model is so cool, I wish it had a series of its own.

The awesome model, dubbed 'Gundam Albion' was built by Rasen Taitei for a competition on popular Japanese fansite Gundam.Info, for which there was there were three categories fans could enter - the Gunpla course, which Albion ultimately won, which had fans build their own mech out of plastic model pieces, a 'Tri-age' course where entrants simply had to recolour an existing Gundam, and a 'Breaker 2' course where video game fans could customise a Gundam using the game Gundam Breaker 2. But we're here for the pretty toy aspect of it, and Albion is a pretty toy indeed:

Illustration for article titled I Wish This Fan-Made Model Was An Actual Gundam

I've always been a big fan of mech-weaponry that is so absurd that not even the mech itself can merely hold it - that it has to be attached to a superfluous, mahoosive support frame to which your giant robot must be attached to in turn. This one is especially cool as on top of having guns built into the support frame, there's just some goddamn giant guns attached to the sides too. And then Albion just carries its own rifle too, because NO ONE GIANT ROBOT CAN HAVE TOO MANY GUNS.

Somebody get Gundam Albion his own anime, stat.

[Gundam.info via Anime News Network]

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Interesting. That looks to be a mash-up of a standard RX-series Gundam- probably a Bandai HG 1/144 model- and the Bandai model of the Albion, a Pegasus-class assault carrier from the Gundam series- in 1/1700 scale. Small scale discrepancy, there- like an F-18 carrying two aircraft carriers under its wings- but interesting as a design exercise, nonetheless. As a frequent kitbasher, I approve.