I Wish This House Hanging From a Cliff Was Actually Real

Along Australia's rugged western coastlines, landowners could one day live next to their cliffside properties—rather than on them—if the designers of this vertigo-inducing, prefabricated design, Modscape, have their way.

Built onto the the side of a vertical rock face like a modern Mesa Verde dwelling, the obviously-named Cliff House melds modular construction with a vertical floorplan. Each floor of the home bolts into its neighbors via a series of steel pins, and then are anchored to the side of the cliff with support beams. The entryway sits at the cliff's edge—residents descend through the home via stairs or an elevator—while the lowest floor, terrifyingly, opens onto a deck area replete with a barbecue and jacuzzi.


The unit is still entirely a concept, but according to its architects it was created in response to their clients' demands for unique cliff-based homes, so there might just be enough demand to warrant actually building a few. Just don't let Mel Gibson in a pickup truck anywhere near that thing. [Modscape Concept via Inhabitat]

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