I Would Have Killed to Have This Open-Source Laser Tag Game as a Kid

Even when it's just team deathmatch in a dark, smelly room inside the local roller rink, laser tag is awesome. So imagine how cool it would be if you could liberate it, and play an open-source version wherever you want with game-types you made up. It'd be like a video game in real life! Or paintball without the pain!

That's the dream Skirmos is trying to bring to life with its Kickstarter for a completely programmable laser-tag platform. Round up a half-dozen of these and some friends and the possibilities are endless. You can play Capture the Flag in your buddy's backyard with power-ups the change the color of your gun, or play King of the Hill in the middle of town; an idea that's equal parts bad and rad.


Of course, there are like a bajillion caveats. The first is that this is (currently) an unfunded Kickstarter, so this may never actually exist. And even if it does, an early adopter pack with one gun (i.e. half a useful set) goes for $100, so you'll be hard-pressed to round-up a decent team. Not to mention the real potential here is programming your own games which involves, well, programming your own games.

If you can hop over all those hurdles though, Skirmos is every laser-taggin' kid's wildest dreams brought to life, and that's awesome if they can pull it off. So start thinking up your custom game types now. Or just stick to video games. I mean, who needs to move anyway. [Kickstarter via Reddit]

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Organized Chaos

If you ever get a chance to play outdoor laser tag with these, I highly recommend it.

They offer long range (over 500 ft. daytime, over 1000 ft. nighttime) and sound effects to indicate firing, hitting your target, and being hit. The games can be configured to play multiple types (capture the flag, team elimination, etc.). "Power ups" can be placed throughout the gaming area (ammo, health, re-spawn). The taggers themselves can be configured to require more/less hits to kill your enemy. It's good for young kids who may need a bit of an advantage, or give someone sniper capabilities (one shot, one kill). It's an absolute blast.