IBM Brings Big Brother to the Windy City

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A video surveillance program, similar to the one that has proven to be so "effective" in London, is coming to Chicago with the help of Big Brother Blue, IBM. The cameras, which will reportedly cost less than current city-wide surveillance methods, will also be linked to intelligent software.


For instance, the system will be able to send out an alert if it locates a stolen car or even a missing child. It's too bad this seems just a little too smart, if you ask us. Like, who gets to determine what the network tracks? Sure, right now it's just Amber Alerts and stolen cars, but what happens when it starts following people who don't particularly like the current administration or have ideas that are deemed "too" radical? While we love our technology and the feeling of being safe and protected, we also like doing as we please without being watched. [Yahoo News, Photo courtesy of the AP]

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