Ice-T Demolishes PowerBook, Hates Noobs, Loves His Wife (And So Do we...)

So the screen on your PowerBook died. Do you a) grab a hammer, b) foul mouth Apple as your hot wife stands by, or c) demand a &%$# Snapple? If you're Ice-T, the answer is all of the above.

There's no word on how Ice-T's trip to the Apple store went, though I think it would've had positive results if Coco tagged along.

Speaking of Coco. We really don't get enough of her in that clip, so let's watch an interview with her as Ice-T plays Xbox in the background:

(For those with innocent ears and eyes: heads up, this clip is a bit NSFW)

[YouTube] and [YouTube]

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Like how Cliffy B phone # is plain in view on the phone, lol