Iceland to be Swiss Bank of Secret File Storage?

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Perhaps the seven key-holders to the internet should safeguard this secret data. Or maybe not—we don't want the internet to go all Lord of the Rings with misuse of power.


The country of Iceland has suggested it should host contentious data, in light of Wikileaks ripping the US a new one and releasing documents on the Iraq War.

Why is Iceland suited for the role? Thanks to their government pushing for complete privacy and freedom of speech, they could legally store digital secrets without other governments lobbying for their release—or organizations such as the CIA cracking into them.


These sorts of things work both ways, naturally. Iceland was hit hardest by the recession, with its three major banks collapsing in 2008. Hosting personal—or national—files could see them recoup some of their losses. [Marketplace via PC World]

Image Credit: Ostrograd