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iCloud Might Turn Time Capsule Into Your Own Personal Cloud of Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cult of Mac is reporting through a source that iCloud, Apple's big and bright foray into the cloud, is going to be handled by your Time Capsule backer upper, putting the service directly in your home.

This news, should it hold weight, is a little on the strange side. After all, why not host all that data out in their massive North Carolina data center? That would make some sense.


But renewing the Time Capsule makes perfect sense, too. We've already said that it's been due for an update since its last refresh in 2009. The new model will allegedly sport an A4 or A5 embedded processor and run on iOS. It'll be designed to automatically sync all your data—be they documents, pictures, or videos.


If you make any changes on any computer, those changes are updated through iCloud and stored on your Time Capsule. The Time Capsule archives and serves up your files even when your computers are off. When you get home and fire up your desktop computer or laptop, the files are automatically synced across your devices.

This service will also allow you to upload photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your Time Capsule. The media will be stored on the device and be made available for other devices to sync. iCloud is the "conduit" through which everything moves, the source said.

All this sounds totally great, to be sure. It just makes it sound like the service will be tied very heavily into the Time Capsule hardware. What if I don't buy one? Is some other plan for their data center yet to be unveiled? [Cult of Mac via Business Insider]

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