If This Amazing Transforming Candle Isn't On Your Birthday Cake, Your Family Doesn't Love You

Presumably developed at some top-secret DARPA-funded research lab, what you're looking at here is the future of birthday cake candle technology, available today. Believe it or not, for just $20 you can order a three-pack of these spinning candles that shoot flames before opening like a flower, all the while playing Happy Birthday.


But obviously Happy Birthday just wouldn't cut it when presented with something like this on your special day. Amazing Birthday? Stupendous Birthday? Those sound more appropriate. [HappyBirthdayCandle via Laughing Squid]

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you can get em from aliexpress.com or alibaba.com for somewhere in the realm of 50cents to $1.00 each. Bought about 50 of them about 2 years ago and split it with some coworkers (we each got 10)