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If This Robot Spinning a Serbian Man Isn't Art, I Don't Know What Is

What is art? According to Plato, art is an imitation of an imitation, a mere illusion twice removed from the reality of the eternal Forms. According to me, art is something I like looking at.


One thing I apparently like looking at is an industrial robot twirling around Serbian artist Dragan Iliclike a parade baton, which (conveniently enough) is the basic premise of his project DI-2K4.


In it, a robot previously used in factory production takes Ilic and his paintbrushes around a large canvas in a preprogrammed route, allegedly imitating “both the repetitiveness involved in technological production, as well as representing a new stage of ritual or transgressive experiences of the author himself.”

True or not, it’s pretty fun to watch.

[h/t Motherboard]

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It turns into art once he runs out of paint, and robot presses harder and harder, and then it starts smearing his viscera on the canvas, mindlessly, forever.