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If You Call HP's Laptop Hotline, You'll Ring a Land Rover Dealership

Illustration for article titled If You Call HPs Laptop Hotline, Youll Ring a Land Rover Dealership

I hope you aren't too excited to reserve a new HP Envy today, because the number listed on their site is for Land Rover of Sudbury, a car dealership in Massachusetts. People will be confused today!


I called up the people at Herb Chambers' Land Rover Sudbury (who also sell Jaguars, mind you) and they're very nice people. If you'd like to pick up a Land Rover or Jaguar, they're open until 8 pm tonight, located conveniently on Route 20. If you'd like to purchase an HP laptop, I'd check elsewhere. [HP, Thanks Jordan!]

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My wife is going to kill me... I was just going to order a new laptop, but now I'm coming home with a new LR3.