An Illinois couple went to the Bahamas and, desiring a truly exotic vacation, caught and ate an endangered iguana. Of course, they posted pictures of their totally wild excursion on Facebook. Which got them arrested.

I didn't know police actually arrested people for violating endangered species laws, much less patrolled Facebook profiles for evidence of crimes against furmanity, but the couple was arrested under the Fisheries Regulations and the Wild Animal Protection Act after police found shots showing them "catching an iguana, parts of an iguana on a grill, two men eating the iguana pieces, and a man and a woman cleaning what appears to be undersized conch."


I ate alligator once, when I was like eight years old in Florida. It was like eating very tough, bland chicken strips, so I went back to eating buffalo wings, which I thought at the time was also a very manly thing to eat, since buffalo have horns and are the size of cars. I imagine that iguana isn't much better. [Metro UK via digg]