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Let's look at Marmot's iGlove before Apple forces them to change the name. Similar to the oddly named iTYWYF gloves, the iGlove can be used to manipulate the iPod's click wheel. Regular gloves, you may have noticed, hinder your ability to manipulate the click wheel, leaving you with a Solomon-esque choice: risk frost bite every time you want to change a song or listen to the same playlist over and over again but keep your hands warm. iGlove accomplish this Herculean task by using "Playpoint technology," whatever that is.


The iGlove, only available in black, certainly serves a purpose, especially if you're the type who often fiddles with the iPod. At $35, it's also $5 cheaper than the iTYWYF gloves. Will the gloves completely change your life? Doubtful, but they could come in handy on these cold winter days.

Product Page [Marmot via The Red Ferret Journal]

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