iHome iH7R iPod Dock and Speaker System

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iHome has released the iH7R, the latest revision to its popular iH5 iPod dock and speaker system. Like the iH5, the IH7R is compatible with nearly all models of the iPod, but it adds a few features that may make it worth your while. For starters, they've included one more speaker, kind of like how razor blade companies keep adding that extra blade for even closer shaves. The additional speaker, dubbed a "beside" speaker, hooks up the to iH7R proper and is supposed to help provide more room-filling sound.

What also sets the iH7R apart is the (overdue) inclusion of a remote control; the radio now includes a dual alarm and presets for both AM and FM radio stations. The LCD now has a dimmer setting as well, calming the nerves of many users.


Look for the iH7R for $150.

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