IKEA Let Loose a Herd of 100 Cats Into Store to "See What Happens"

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An English IKEA decided to release 100 live cats overnight. Why? Why would you question such a thing? The video is the most amazing and life-affirming event. Ever. Embrace it. Watch it a thousand times. Watch it ten thousand times.

As far as I can tell, the team at the wooded dorm-furnisher extraordinaire just let the cats run around the empty store completely for the hell of it, and the results are simply wonderful.

The staff pegs the stunt as an "experiment," but I wouldn't exactly say the scientific method is at rigorous work here—and that is a great thing. The cats fight each other. They climb into boxes. They jump. They screech. There are a hundred of them. A grown man yells "Go, cats, go!"


And then, like a dreamscape vision of that high school girl you always loved but never had—they are gone. Were they ever there? Where did they go? They have vanished, but the furry mirage won't soon be forgotten. The only proof: our memories, and perhaps some seriously bad allergies for the shoppers who showed up the next morning. This ELGÅ wardrobe—so affordable, so easy to assemble. And so full of the aura of one hundred manic felines. [Laughing Squid]