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IKEA Wants You to Plan Your Next Kitchen in VR

Image by IKEA
Image by IKEA

It can be hard to imagine how your place will look when you’ve remodelled it. But IKEA has a solution, with a new VR system being made available on Steam that will help you plan your kitchen.


The new app, which uses the HTC Vive headset, currently allows you to explore three different kitchen set-ups. You can tweak the design—changing colors, for instance—and also skew the perspective, so you see what it looks like as a 6.4-foot adult or a 3.3-foot child. Then you can roam around the room and imagine if you’d like to reheat ready meals in it.

IKEA is keen to point out that this is a “test app” which is “intended to solicit consumer feedback.” And you can tell: It’s pretty basic so far. But it should be easy enough for IKEA to use its existing 3D modelling tools to make it a more useful experience. That way, you might not even need to redecorate—you could just dip into your VR home and enjoy the view.


[IKEA via Kotaku Australia]

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Coronal Shadow

IKEA already had an “augmented reality” app for tablets, for showing furniture “in place” in your house (or wherever). Hopefully the new software will be able to do the same eventually, but using the VR headset (which has a camera (why only 1 and not 2...?) on the front).