ILM's Effects For The Lone Ranger Were Way Better Than the Movie

Just because a blockbuster tanked at the box office, doesn't mean the talented folks who worked on the film didn't pour their hearts and souls into every frame. Especially those responsible for a film's visual effects, whose work often goes unnoticed when they've done their job right.


And to give the talented artists at ILM who worked on the less than successful The Lone Ranger their due, the effects shop put together this highlight reel breaking down some of the more complex shots it did for the film. What's most surprising is how many landscape shots were created with clever compositing and camera moves. It's just too bad no amount of visual effects in the world could have made the film's lead enjoyable.

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I don't get why people say it's so bad.. It's not the best and it's pretty weird at times... But I liked it and laughed a lot