I'm a Gross, Sweaty Hipster, and I'm a PC

World-famous DJ/mashup artist Girl Talk (a.k.a. Greg Gillis) has gone on record: he's a PC, and his sweatband may not be totally ironic. His "I'm a PC" short features a lot of his philosophies on music, which aren't so interesting, and his habit of taping Saran wrap to his computer during shows, which is sort of interesting. In between are shots of his live performances, which really are a ton of fun, and fleeting glimpses of sweaty yet colorful American Apparel. I'm a huge, unabashed, and unembarrassed Girl Talk fan, yet even I'm not sure that, like he says, "Software and computers are the most punk rock thing that's happened, ever." I think punk rock might actually hold that crown. But hey, Night Ripper was the unofficial dance party soundtrack for my entire fourth year at college, so whatever you say, dude. [YouTube]


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I admit I am a Girl Talk fan. I have two of his CD Night Ripper and Feed the Animals. But I have to say I'm shocked that he's a PC user. Most musicians edit music using Garage band on OSX. But I think this was a smart move on Window's part for good advertisement. Then again it reminds me of the new Mac ads about how all their money goes towards advertising rather than fixing Vista. Do I see another Justin Long ad making fun of Windows in the near future?!