I'm Completely Captivated by the Clever Tricks Used to Build a Disco Ball Inside a Lightbulb

Any room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling is a non-stop party, and now any space can easily get a dance floor upgrade with this fun DIY project that shows you how to build a disco ball—using some brilliantly clever building techniques—inside a standard-sized lightbulb.


The folks behind the W&M YouTube channel must have a lot of experience building model ships inside glass bottles, because they cleverly fit a small wooden ball inside a lightbulb, which can’t fit through its narrow neck, by cutting it into quarters and then reassembling it once inside. They also managed to cover the wooden ball in tiny mirror pieces, and squeeze a motor and LED lighting mechanism into the bulb, all without going insane from having to work with tweezers to complete the build.

[YouTube via Hackaday]



Now I need a lathe...

...and a band saw

...and a scroll saw

...and a drill press

...and <lots of other wood working tools>