Imagine plunging into Earth's atmosphere using this re-entry spacesuit

Illustration for article titled Imagine plunging into Earths atmosphere using this re-entry spacesuit

Just imagine the experience of a lifetime: Jumping from low Earth orbit, your world turns into fire as the acceleration increases...

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It's possible. Back in the 1950's they even had developed a single man reentry system called MOOSE, If I remember correctly, that involved a fairly thin reentry shield, a big plastic bag, liquid polyureithane foam, a small hand held thruster pack, and a couple of parachutes.

An ocean splash down with a radio beacon was how they'd land and signal for recovery.
Today, we'd just put on an outer suit of ceramic cloth, (similar to the blanket on the sides of teh Space Shuttle), a Quartz visor and a set of parachutes, and probably a disposable EMMU, (Extravehicular Manned Maneuvering Unit) and take a floating leap.

Sounds like fun! Huge, firey, pants staining, terrifying FUN!