Imagine the Epic Dreams You'll Have in These Wearable Star Wars Sleeping Bags

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If you had to choose the perfect single outfit to wear the rest of your life, one of these wearable sleeping bags from Selk’bag just might be it. They’re like comfy pajamas that will also keep you warm at night, and now that they’re available in four Star Wars designs, why would you ever need to change into another outfit?

Body odor, spills, and other collected filth aside, these wearable sleeping bags now also let you cosplay as Chewbacca, a Rebel Pilot, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper. So even when Halloween rolls around again next year, you still have no reason to change what you’re wearing.


Available in four different sizes for $109, when used as sleeping bags they’re only rated to temperatures as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So when the thermometer dips below freezing, you’ll need to add a few more layers to stay toasty. But with removable booties and plenty of zipper access for any and all activities, there’s no reason you can’t happily live out the rest of your life wearing one of these.