Illustration for article titled Implanted Microchip Will Monitor Your Health, Deliver Drugs From Under Your Skin

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a chronic illness, such as diabetes or lupus, is the need to test your body constantly to make sure you're healthy. MicroCHIPS is looking to alleviate that with a new device that's implanted under the skin of a patient. The “chip,” about the size of a dime, senses changes in body chemistry and releases medicine when needed. It can also be remotely activated to drop medication as well. The chip is much more precise than the finger pricking method for monitoring blood, and in diabetes sufferers, can minimize the risk of complications like blindness and kidney failure. The first glucose-monitoring and osteoporosis drug-releasing chips will begin human clinical trials next year. MicroCHIPS is looking into developing more advanced versions that can predict heart or kidney failure, biodegrade in the body, and release multiple vaccine or drug doses over time. [Popsci]


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