In Case You Needed Proof That Wood Frogs Will Screw Anything

Here are some very horny, very confused male wood frogs.

They have ignored every vocal and chemical signal available, and they think they’ve found a female frog. Unfortunately, they are attempting to make sweet sweet amplexus with a tiger salamander.


The herpetologists who captured the photo suggest that since wood frogs have an incredibly short breeding season, they may not have evolved more complex methods of choosing a mate than the snatch-and-grab. If so, they could be more likely to make mistakes than frog species with more complex courtship.

Maybe that Kermit-Miss Piggy romance isn’t so weird after all.

UPDATE 9/1/2015: Or the new Kermit-Denise relationship. Guess that frog’s just got a thing for pigs.

[Simovic et al. 2014]

Photo: S. Olson and M. Patchell

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