In New Avengers: Secret Wars Shorts, Ms. Marvel Explains the Avengers to... Captain America

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube

Disney XD has released the entire collection of animated shorts for its upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars series, giving us a glimpse at Ms. Marvel’s induction into the Avengers club. It’s awesome to see Ms. Marvel on the small screen, even if it’s only in animated form... but let’s just say her debut gets a little weird.


The series has Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, filling in for Iron Man after Tony Stark disappeared into an unknown dimension. The first video, which debuted a few days ago, showed Ms. Marvel arriving at Avengers Tower and immediately being overwhelmed by all the super-awesome Avengers. The rest of the limited series gives us a peek at the other Avengers that’ll be involved in Secret Wars.

The videos start with Black Panther taking on Ulysses Klaw and his smugglers, because if you steal from Wakanda you steal from him. This clip had some of the best action, but the storyline ended up being a little clichéd. It almost felt like that car chase scene in Billy Zane’s 1996 superhero flick The Phantom. It was silly, but still looked pretty impressive.

Next, there was Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel’s idol. It’s clear Kamala adores Captain Marvel, which makes it weird that her story was totally the weakest out of all of them. It’s just her collecting an alien who’d escaped prison.

Kamala’s next gab-fest was all about Ant-Man and The Wasp. Of course, anytime you have a story about the two of them, it’s probably going to be silly and self-mocking. Hahaha, their life-threatening situations are super tiny and unimportant to the rest of us... because they’re small! I kind of liked it, though, and it made me more excited about their upcoming film.

The most interesting one was Vision’s— not because the story itself (he was just saving some miners from a collapse), but because of how it got super weird and discriminatory against artificial intelligence, for basically no reason. The miners spend a bunch of time talking shit about Vision because he’s a robot... while he’s saving their asses. But hey, at least a little girl gives him a flower afterward. That makes up for all the vitriol.

Then, finally, Kamala tells Captain America how she became Ms. Marvel. This video was the best part of the limited series, hands down, because it focused on Kamala and gave us better insight into her personality and drive. It ends with her joining the Avengers for some entry-level fighting— she’s nervous and feels unprepared, but she dives in anyway, ready to take her place on the team.

I liked the series overall, and set up the upcoming Disney XD show pretty well. The weirdest part about it, though, was the framing device. All of the videos opened and closed with Ms. Marvel gushing about each Avenger, giving details about their backstories while wondering if she can ever hope to achieve what they have. That’s all fine and good... except she was explaining it all to Captain America. At one point she’s gushing about how Vision’s body was originally designed for Ultron... and I was, like, “Girl, he would know, he was there!”

Avengers: Secret Wars debuts July 17.



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