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In the Next Steven Universe, Pink Diamond's Lies Could Destroy the Crystal Gems

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the newest promos for the show’s next arc, though, the devastation of learning the truth about Rose Quartz and the Diamonds is so profound that even Garnet can’t stand to bear the emotional burden, tearing apart the Crystal Gem whose strength the team has always relied on. That’s extremely not good.

Garnet has unfused in the past when Ruby couldn’t see eyes to eye with Sapphire about being lied to by people that they trust. But the couple’s relationship woes in the upcoming “Heart of the Crystal Gems” feels decidedly more serious because Sapphire makes it clear that, on some level, she blames Ruby for not being able to recognize Rose’s deception.

While Steven, Greg, and Amethyst will set out to find Sapphire after she flees the temple in a rage, the Gems are definitely going to fuse at least one more time just as Blue and Yellow Diamond descend on Beach City in their humongous arm-like star ships. Which implies there’s a very good chance that the Pink Diamond’s leg ships buried out in the desert are finally going to be activated.

It’s really, really beginning to feel like Steven Universe is building up to its ultimate end game and while it’s bittersweet to think that the show could be coming to a close, it’s going to be even more exhilarating to actually see how this all wraps up when “Heart of the Crystal Gems” begins on July 2.