In the webcomic Power Nap, nobody ever sleeps except one doomed man

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College Roomies from Hell!!! creator Maritza Campos has unleashed her crazy brain in a new webcomic Power Nap, which depicts a future where no one sleeps and everyone works — all the time — and one man who can't keep his eyes open.


Labor-saving devices are miraculous things, but sometimes it seems technology does less to free up our hours than to keep us tethered to work. Cell phones and laptops, incredible as they are, mean that, for some people, work stops only when they close their eyes for the night.

And what if technology allowed us to stop sleeping altogether? Would we delight in an extra eight hours of leisure time, or would those hours go straight to our employers? The world of Power Nap falls squarely in the latter category. The Corporation has started manufacturing Z-Sups, a a drug that eliminates the need for sleep. Everyone takes Z-Sups, to the extent that seeing a person sleeping on a train is a cause for alarm. Everyone also works 16-hour days, pumping their hours back into the Corporation that made their sleepless lives possible.

But Drew isn't like everyone else. He's horribly allergic to Z-Sups and requires a steady diet of sleep and caffeine to keep going. Whereas before Z-Sups, Drew was just like everyone else, after Z-Sups he is treated like a person with a disability. His coworker is horrified to learn that Drew works a mere ten hours a day, and Drew is given a menial stapling job. And all of it, his token employment, his lack of sleep, the intrusive advertisements that everyone else seems to accept without question — it's all driving him mad.

Campos has a long history of sharing her crazy ideas with College Roomies from Hell!!!, and pairing her insanity with Bachan's pitch-perfect artwork really lets those ideas shine. Even though it's only a few weeks old, Power Nap is already a fun meditation on how we let sometimes let corporations take control of technology's impact on our lives, and I can't begin to imagine where Campos and Bachan will take us next.

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Corpore Metal

Well, I like it! A horrifying world after provigil becomes mandatory.

It's a cool low key science fictional premise with some humor and Kafkaesque horror thrown in. I only wish there was more up there so I could see how the story develops. But I'll keep following it.