Independence Day Is Getting a Comic Series to Tie the Films Together

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By the time Independence Day: Resurgence comes out next year, the original film will be 20 years old. That’s a lot of backstory to cover from how we got from aliens blowing up the White House to a “post-war” world and a united Earth Space Defense force—one we now know will be the focus of a new comic series from Titan.

The news was revealed to The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, but there’s scant actual information other than the confirmation of Titan publishing the comic and... well, the fact that it exists, really.


No writers, no artists, no idea if it’s a miniseries or an ongoing. No anything, other than a description of the fact that the comic will be “a rich psychological prison drama” (quite frankly, that’s the not exactly the first sentence that comes to mind when I think of Independence Day!) that takes place after the events of the movie and will eventually segue into the setup of Resurgence. There’s one thing for sure though: there better be a whole lot of art of Jeff Goldblum in this comic. I mean, he is heading up the planet’s space defenses in the new movie, so come on guys. Give us all the two-dimensional Jeff Goldblum you can!

Titan’s Independence Day comic will be out in Spring of next year to capitalize on Resurgence’s June release. Presumably speaking, considering not even that was announced by the company. Who knew an Independence Day comic had to be this secretive?


[Via The Hollywood Reporter]