Indie Director Darling To Helm Gritty Spider-Man Reboot?

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Sam Raimi's Spider-Man isn't even cold, and already everyone is speculating on which director will get Sony's Spidey leftovers, for a full reboot from scratch. And the Hollywood favorite right now is 500 Days of Summer's Marc Webb.

Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood says Sony wants James Cameron, David Fincher, Wes Anderson [ha keep dreaming guys] or Marc Webb. In fact, Fleming is reporting that Webb has even been meeting with Sony execs to talk web-slinging as early as this year with a release in 2012, because they want it to be in 3D — no real surprise there.

The Spider-Man franchise should be so lucky to get Webb, who actually seems to understand how people under the age of 25 act. Plus, we'd like to see what he does with a "gritty" origins story and super-powered teens, since this reboot is supposed to take place in Peter Parker's teen years.