Texas inmate Derrick Ross, 38—a three-time burglary felon—has been sentenced to 60 additional years after he was caught having a cellphone in his possession.

Cellphones aren't allowed behind bars be they could easily be used to make drug deals, order hits and carry out other illegal/gang-related activity. Although the official punishment for habitual offenders for this crime is 25 to 99 years, sometimes even life in prison, perpetrators usually end up getting 2 to 10 years instead.


In Ross's case, prosecutor Allyson Mitchell explained that tacking on 60 extra years to Ross's existing sentence is mostly to send a message to other inmates, visitors and unethical officers that not only is having a cell phone in prison a serious offense, but also that they are not afraid to spend 60 more years of the taxpayers' money just to teach people a lesson. [Palestine Herald via Switched]