Insanely Great: Japanese Electronic Store Letting Customers Trade HD DVD Players for Blu-ray

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The Japanese electronics retailer Edion is deeply ashamed it sold its customers HD DVD gear. So ashamed they that they're allowing buyers to swap in Toshiba HD DVD boxes for Blu-ray players. A little more investigation reveals that the trade must occur during March, and consumers only need pay the price difference.


If a US retailer of the world would make such a move, they'd have me as a customer for life. But, I doubt any of the big stores here have the vision to put long term customer retention over its short term profits. I'm also sure that the margins on the more costly Blu-ray players are helping to float the difference. Best Buy, Walmarts, are you listening? [Edion via DigitalWorldTokyo via BoingBoingGadget]

Toshiba's HD-DVD-related business end of the Company's response

As of February 20, 1920, Toshiba Corporation from the end of business on HD-DVD announcement regarding the Company
As a response to this matter, following our decision.


Our "buy peace of mind, much satisfied" under Philosophy, even after your purchase for optimum support to implementAims. This time, under these plans, the Company is Toshiba Corporation's HD-DVD-related business end Your response to the study results, we will, at the time of purchase was expected to be fully allowed unavailable There is a capacity to the Company as follows, we respond.

The contents of the corresponding
1. HD DVD-compatible equipment sales for the next stop.

2. HD-DVD is about the media response, we will continue to maintain sales.

3. HD-DVD purchases enabled devices such as repair and warranty service, will continue
And the preparation of a framework for the future.

4. HD-DVD response following our model of your purchase order, you like about your,
We purchase頂けれyou have to over-the-counter products, and the difference between the purchase price you pay phones in the Blue Ray (Seo
Knee-made, manufactured by Panasonic, Sharp-made) and exchange bon appétit.

Eligible customers exchange ○
EDIONGURUPU each store ( "DEODEO Corporation" "Eyden" "electric green" "EDION" "electric石丸
Care "and" full 100 volts ") at the Review on February 22, 1920 between the candidate who purchase model
Your example of the Blu-ray model corresponds to the desired exchange customers

○ applies to the exchange of models
Toshiba recorder made "RD-A1" "RD-A300" "RD-A600" "RD-A301"
Toshiba-made player "HD-XA1" "HD-XA2" "HD-XF2"

○ contents of the corresponding exchange
As of March 1, 1920 from 1920 as of March 31, EDIONGURUPU storefront outlets,
If you have a product subject頂けれyour preferred Blu-ray phones (Sony, Panasonic made the Si
YAPU made), and HD DVD-compatible models and the difference between the purchase price be borne only by the exchange.

HD DVD-enabled devices to our customers for purchases beyond that, above the corresponding content of the future, a postcard, etc.
Itineraries separately by bon appétit.


@discounteggroll: What are you talking about? This store is doing something exceptionally cool, and the nationality of the chain is secondary. Also, yes, fetish.