Insanely Rich People Get New Insanely Awesome and Shiny Flying Toy

You saw the 3D images more than a year ago, and here's the real thing: The all new, amazing, and near-supersonic Gulfstream 650.


The new Gulfstream 650 can take you anywhere in a 8,000 miles radius at Mach 0.925 and 41,000 feet. It is powered by dual Dual Rolls-Roice BR725 engines, which makes it 33% quieter, emitting 5% fewer NOx emissions and 10% less smoke than its predecessor.

The G650 also has the latest in electronics, with fly-by-wire controls and large multifunction screens that can combine real time video, night vision, and 3D renderings for military-grade visuals. Yes, that splash you heard was Larry Ellison, Al Gore, and John Travolta getting wet. [Flight Global with photos by Jon Ostrower]

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