Inside a Nazi UFO

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In an alternative Earth, Hitler had a Plan B: A secret colony on the Moon, founded by troops launched from Antarctica. According to Iron Sky, that's exactly what happened. And soon, they will be back to fight back, flying UFOs.


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Iron Sky is a movie produced by several people collaborating from their computers all across the world. Needless to say, it's not coming as fast as sci-fi fans would like, but it is coming. This interior of a Nazi scout flying saucer—created by Jussi Lehtiniemi—is one of the reasons why people are so eagerly awaiting for it. It just looks amazing and realistic, in an irresistible retro way. [io9]

Updated: Someone in the comments said that this looked like the cockpit of Darth Vader... if Darth Vader were a robot operated by evil hamsters. Somehow, that idea makes complete sense to me, so I made this illustration for your enjoyment.


Hitler also wanted to make a 1500 ton tank