Instagram Finally Shows Off Its Android App

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The breakout app from SXSW this year may be Highlight, or it may be Pinwheel. But the most exciting news? It's about Instagram, which is finally sort-of showing off a beta of its Android app.

According to TechCrunch's Kim-Mai Cutler, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom demonstrated the Android app onstage during an interview. Kind of.


Reports Cutler:

He waved it around very briefly on-stage, but he didn't give a full demo. (That's for later, and the company tells us they aren't totally ready for a walkthrough yet.)

So there's that! Also, they have 27 million users now, which is up by 12 million people since I talked to the company in January. Which is a lot. [TechCrunch]


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A lot of people are missing the point here: Instagram isn't great for it's filters. There's plenty of similar camera apps with filters (and even post-processing apps) that do the same thing. What sets Instagram apart is the social network behind it. It allows to seamlessly share and upload your photos not only within the Instagram network but onto Facebook as well. That's the real genius behind it and what no one else has been able to duplicate.