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If you are a heavy user of Instagram and Facebook, good news! When you choose to share your Instagram snapshots on the Social Network, photos now wedge themselves onto the site in better, more accessible, more meaningful ways than ever before.

Instagram photos will now appear in your Facebook news feed at full size, meaning your days of squinting are over. They'll also automatically pop up in your timeline, making the the new design that much more visually appealing. And finally, there's now a dedicated Facebook album for all your Instagram shares, which so that all your uploads can be viewed in one convenient spot.


But if I may wax contrarian for a second, am I the only one who likes the divide between Instagram and the other social networks. I mean, this type of expansion is inevitable, but the insular nature of Instagram has allowed it to develop its own culture separate from Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, and has let it develop an identity of its own. Plus, when I get tired of Instagram, as I often do, it's very easy to ignore. Now all of your gourmet lunches and landscape shots are going to be impossible to escape. Oh well. [Instagram]

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