Instant Xmas Tree-In-a-Pizza-Box Is Probably Made by ACME

The fully-decorated tree in a pizza box is one of those amazing ideas that kick ass and sucks all what's good about Xmas at the same time.

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Yes, I hate it. I mean, look at it. You buy the thing, it comes in a flat pizza box, you put two sticks together, place the flattened tree on top, let it go, and boom, instant Xmas tree, completely decorated with tinsel, balls and lights. Flashy and convenient like a TV dinner. And equally tasteless and tacky. It's probably made with sodium glutamate too.

On the other side, my Wiley E Coyote side can't resist the idea of buying one for the apartment this year. And then burn it down. On the other side, I can spend the $100 it costs in a champagne bottle to gobble down the TV dinner, which will definitely have better effects than a dumb instant tree. [Daily Mail]

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Okay, I accept that you cannot write in English - that is something that is so far beyond you that you will never catch up with such things as matching verbs and subjects - you aren't from around here, so we will endure your Spanglish and continue to laugh at your audacity.

But come on - "sodium glutamate"? What the flock is that? Do you mean monosodium glutamate? The "M" in MSG is important.