Intel Core 2 Duo Laptops Last 5 Hours In Cross Country Flight

Intel set up their own internal publicity video to hype how power-efficient the new Core 2 Duos are. They set two employees on a cross country, West to East flight, to see how well the new C2Ds would perform compared to the old Core Duos an AMD Turion system. These guys did what most users would do on a plane, play Unreal Tournament, Solitaire, and type up some Word documents.

The employee with the older Core Duo AMD had his laptop die over Illinois, whereas the Core 2 Duo guy lasted all the way to the New York descent, where he had to close up shop due to FAA regulations-smegulations.


Check out the video to see examples of why Intel employees should stick to designing chips instead of acting. Swerving around in your seat when playing UT and placing your face in your hands like your dog just died when your laptop runs out of battery does not a convincing video make.

Video: Long-lasting Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks [CNET]

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