Intel Dreams Up UMPCs of the Future

Okay, so today's UMPCs are nowhere near being as cool as the ones in this video, but supposedly this is the direction they're heading. You got voice recognition, ultra-thin profiles, touchscreen displays, the works. There's no QWERTY keyboard, but if my UMPC can do everything that these can (and direct me to secret raves), I don't care.

Intel: Future of UMPCs [TechEBlog]


Software and silicon may improve fast enough for all this to be possible (OLED displays, multi-touch screen interface, etc.) However, there is still one ingredient that hardly ever improves: battery technology.

I mean, sure there are plenty of developments out there on battery tech (ie. nanotube capacitors), but for some reason we never seem to see its light of day.

More conspiracies, I tell ya...