IntelliScreen Brings Useful Widgets to iPhone's Home Screen

Illustration for article titled IntelliScreen Brings Useful Widgets to iPhone's Home Screen

Instead of just staring the time, date and your choice of wallpaper when you start up the iPhone, why not make it more Windows Mobile-y by putting useful information there*? The app IntelliScreen lets you show either your upcoming calendar items, recent emails, recent text messages, the weather, or even an RSS feed up on the standby screen, letting you see what you need to see without even unlocking your phone. Useful? Definitely. Cluttered? For sure.


It's also in beta, and may crash or even wipe some of your data if it conflicts with some of your other apps. Be careful.

* Yes this is one of the few times that people want to make the iPhone more like Windows Mobile.

[ModMyiPhone via Just Another iPhone Blog via Lifehacker]



@kurrupt_1: There's a repository link, just put that into the Installer sources.

Looks good though, might be good for those transitioning from Windows Mobile phones and going bwuhhh i want all my stuff in one place.