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Intel's Atom Z6 Moorestown Mobile Chips Will Run Android and MeeGo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel's new Z6XX chips under the Moorestown banner will be used in devices running Android or MeeGo, Intel and Nokia's new OS that's sprung from Moblin and Maemo's loins.


Other OSes will likely be seen sporting Z6XX chips, but for now Intel's only talking about the two more recent platforms. We can expect to see it in phones, clocking up more than 1.5GHz, thrusting its sword into the throat of the mighty Snapdragon, and when used in tablets or netbooks it could go as far as 1.9GHz.

Battery life, well. 5 hours so far for web browsing, though standby time is said to be 10 days. In a briefing with Intel, TechRadar saw three-way video conferencing and the ability to play Quake 3 and 1080p video decoding demo-ed on an Aava Mobile device. [TechRadar]