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Intel's Overclockable Core i7 Chips for Gamers Go Vroom Vroom Even Easier

Two of the more interesting Core chips in the pipe from Intel, at least for gamers: The 32nm Core i5-655K (dual core), coming in June, and the 45nm Core i7-875K (quad core), coming in July, both have unlocked multipliers, meaning it's way easier to overclock the crap out of 'em. They will be expensive. [DigiTimes]


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I've been needing to by a new computer for a while now but every time I go look at component prices, it makes me mad. I'm not looking to have the latest/greatest but it would be nice to see previous models go for less than the new ones. There are some non-i-series chips that go for as much as the i7s. Shouldn't older stuff eventually go down in price???