Interview(s) With the Creator of the Optimus Keyboard

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Thanks to all those who bombarded me with these over the weekend. Atremy Lebedev, the creator of the Optimus ninja OLED keyboard. Lebedev is planning on mass producing this thing in a year or so and sees the price at somewhere in the $200-300 range. Two folks interviewed him, asking him all sorts of pithy questions.

Beat me about the head and neck if you must, but I'm not sure this is more than an "interesting hack." I've used enough Nostromo gamepads and swappable keyboard solutions to realize that ergonomics is quite a bit more important than shiny keys, but that's just me and I'm crazy. Human interface design hasn't changed much since the Altair or even the typewriter, and there's a very good reason, but let's give this mad Russian inventor the benefit of the doubt. [Thanks, Everybody]


Optimus OLED Keyboard


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