Intrepid Adventurers Can Couchsurf This Jordanian Cave

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If you're looking for somewhere a bit more er, rustic, for your next trip to the Middle East, Ghassab Al-Bedoul of Petra Jordan has the perfect accommodations—his 150 square foot cave home.

Al-Bedoul, 42, is offering up the stone domicile where he was born and raised to prospective travelers on the popular vacation rental site, He began hosting about four years ago after spending time abroad. "Since I started, I think I've had over 1,200 people come stay at my cave," Al-Bedoul told CNN. "Not all from CouchSurfing, but they hear about me. It's a pleasure to have people from all over the world to learn our culture. Just come and stay with us."

The cave itself is about 150 square feet with some interestingly modern touches including solar-powered exterior lighting. That modernity, unfortunately, does not extend to the bathroom facilities. As CNN describes, "When asking Al-Bedoul for the washrooms, he points to the mountains, and says, 'far away please.'" [CNN via Boing Boing - All Images: Alex Pena /CNN]